How To Choose the Best Web Hosting Company To Suit Your Needs

The first thing before selecting a web host of course is to have a domain name. Once that is done, and you are ready to build your website, then it’s time to look at some of the top web hosting companies and select one that will best serve your needs.

It’s important to choose a well established and reliable company so that you can have your website in the same location for years to come. It is quite a hassle and a lot of work to have to move your website from one host to another. The process involves downloading all your files from your old host, and then uploading them to the new host servers. This can be avoided if you do a little research in the beginning and choose a web host that will satisfy you for many years.

Some of the things to consider are as follows:

1. Look at typical plans offered by each web host. These usually include personal hosting, business hosting and corporate hosting, all differing by price. Choose the plan according to your website’s purpose, whether it’s a personal site, a small business or a corporate undertaking.

2. Look at the storage space offered. Do you need a lot of storage? Will you be uploading a lot of photos and/or videos? Again, choose according to your needs.

3. Bandwidth – will you have a lot of traffic in the beginning? Will your visitors be uploading and downloading large files like videos? If so you need a lot of bandwidth. Note that a lot of the top hosts do offer unlimited storage and bandwidth even for the basic plans.

4. Will you be using a lot of email accounts for many business employees or clients? Then you need a plan that offers many email accounts. Most of the basic plans will only offer about 10 email accounts or less. It’s always possible to upgrade even after you choose a basic plan, and you can also sign up for more email accounts for an extra fee.

5. The last and most important is customer service. Choose only a host that offers 24/7 phone support.

So if your are not sure, go with the cheaper, basic plan in the beginning, and then upgrade if the need arises.

Read the reviews on several of the top rated companies and compare their features and benefits side by side, taking your own needs and the purpose of your website into account. After you have made the comparison, then choose the one that you feel will best suit your requirements. A good rule of thumb is to go with one of 10 or 20 top rated web hosting companies. Avoid the small, unknown hosts, even if they entice you with a low price, as there is a likelihood that they could go out of business in this highly competitive market.

So arm yourself with some knowledge and a bit of research, and hopefully you will find the right host for you and enjoy a good, satisfying relationship with them for years to come.

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