My Answer To The Question – How do I setup an FTP site with Dreamweaver using godaddy as my host?

It’s Q&A time again. This one comes from ‘sweet.suffering’ who is asking…

I bought my domain and I got 5 free hosted web pages from godaddy and I am creating my website with dreamwever.When using the site definition tool and setting up the “Remote Info” I have no clue on what an FTP host in, how do I get one and how do I connect it with dreamweaver and godaddy/my site.

Answer: Do this – In DW, go to Site (top) > New Site. Click the Advanced tab, NOT Basic. Give your site a name. Select a local root folder on your PC where you plan to save your web files. You can leave the default images folder blank. Below that you can leave the default settings, except UNcheck Enable Cache. Click on Remote Info in the left side menu. Select FTP from the Access drop down on the right. Your ftp host is usually or If you don’t know your host directory, leave it blank but I suggest you contact godaddy to find out. Your login and password should be provided by godaddy. Contact them if you don’t have it. Then test the connection. If it’s successful, close it all out and begin making your site. You’ll upload the files from the local folder to the server to get them on the web. And make sure you upload them to the right folder on the godaddy server. This is why I suggest you contact them for the host directory.

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