Top Picks For the Best Hosting Service A Web Hosting Comparison

There are literally hundreds of web hosting companies out there, which can make it a very confusing and time-consuming process to pick the right company that is going to provide the best service and value for your money. In order to save you the trouble let us look at three companies which have proven again and again over time to come out on top. Then, if these are not enough for you to comfortably make a decision, you can follow the links on this article to view more options and also get discounts or coupon codes for each.

Our number one pick? Without a doubt, Hostgator.

Hostgator is easily the best overall Web hosting company for a number of reasons. First off, their customer service cannot be beat. You can have the most stable hosting and the fastest servers, but if you do not have a reliable team who can resolve your issues timely and in a courteous manner, whether you are a novice struggling with the basics or a webmaster run into a serious technical issue, all other factors quickly become null.

Also, Hostgator is so confident in their service that they make coupons available for you to get a free trial account. They want you to try before you buy, because they know that once you have tested their service you will not want to change.

Choice number two? If you need hosting for your business InMotion Hosting is the answer.

InMotion is a cPanel hosting service with a wide variety of plans starting as low as three dollars and the ability to upgrade later as you might need it. InMotion’s answers all your business needs with dedicated servers as low as $199.95 per month, VPS (Virtual Private Servers) starting $39.95 a month and business class hosting now only $5.95 per month. In addition, they also have personal hosting available at the low price of $3 per month.

The $5.95 business class hosting plan is Small Business Starter, and as mentioned before comes with various upgrade options. These plans feature InMotion exclusive technologies aiding fast speeds, an unparalleled 90 day money back guarantee, award-winning technical support and 99.9% uptime.

Third but not least? Need cheap hosting – say under two bucks? Try Stable Host.

When you compare hosting, another great hosting service with excellent customer service, that doesn’t oversell and with a low price tag is Stable Host. With 20GB of bandwidth, 1 GB of disk space and the option of unlimited domains, Stable Host’s Stable Basic plan costs as little as $1.98 per month and all you need to take advantage of this great offer is a coupon code.

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