An Answer to the Question: How to implement search in WordPress website?

Here a good question I found in the comments section of a previous post. ‘heytherebrah’ asks us the question: Hi, I have a self-hosted WordPress website that I’d like to implement some sort of search option on. My website is one where people can find a certain product, or have their product listed. I need [...]

Q&A: Can I download a Server to a tablet to host wordpress locally?

Here’s a good question from Mike with an even better answer, enjoy: Does anyone know of a way I can download a server to a tablet? I would like to run it locally on the tablet so I can run wordpress and view a website offline. I would like to run this virtual server cheaply [...]

Article Submission – The Central source of link building and SEO

Many businesses are familiar with the significance of becoming more well-known on the three most well-known look for engines-Google, Google and Google. Simply put, seeking for a higher position on these search engines will bring your website a regular flow of traffic which in turn can be turned into customers. The top position websites on [...]