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Out of anything you can think of dealing with your website, the single most important part of it is the actual web hosting you use. In offline terms, web hosting can be thought of as the building your customers enter when they visit your store. Your webpages are the aisles that showcase each product, but the web hosting company is the actual structure where everything is contained.

On the Internet, pages are stored on servers until someone requests to see it. This request is just another way to say visit. Once that has been made, then the server transfers the data from your page to their online space so that the person sitting at home who typed in your web address can now see your webpage. The two biggest things that determines a quality web host has to deal with the storage size and the data transfer allowed. Reliable web hosting, IMHosted is a great example of this, provide this at a great price to their customers.

Several years ago, this would cost a great deal of money every month. It was no unusual for companies to be paying thousands of dollars a month for the ability to have a website. This is because of the storage allotments and data transfer. Each visitor, in essence, cost that company money.

Companies like IMHosted, and other hosting companies, then went on a mission to lower these costs so that not only can big companies afford to have webspace, but anyone who wanted to have a website could do it very inexpensively. In most cases, well under $10 a month. That’s a huge difference from thousands of dollars a month.

Finding these affordable web hosts is something that everyone should do a little research on. Don’t just take somebody’s word for it. IMHosted, HostGator, Dreamhost, and thousands of others are all inexpensive web hosting companies. However, expense isn’t the only criteria for a good host.

Another aspect of web hosting you should be paying attention to is their uptime. A reliable web host is, in fact, more important than the cost of the host. If your site isn’t being loaded, then you are not earning any money. A hosting company with over 99% uptime isn’t a fantasy. Most companies, especially like IMHosted, have almost 100% uptime. No company will ever achieve this level of reliability, but anything below 99% should not be acceptable anymore.

Reliability And Cost Of Web Host

With these two things in mind you can begin your search for a hosting company. Keep in mind that the company you choose is the structure of your site. This is the building your are going to be doing business out of. If the overhead is too much, and the doors are locked too often, you lose business and money.

Spend some time searching around for a hosting company that can fulfill your need for inexpensive web hosting and reliability. There are several great hosting companies to choose from, and IMHosted is just an example of one of them.

Plan and decide carefully what Web Hosting Company you choose to Host Your Websites.
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