Q&A: Free or very cheap reliable web hosting?

Here’s a good question from not in kansas anymore with an even better answer, enjoy:

I have a job interview on Thursday and I want to have my website active online by then. Does anyone know of free or cheap website hosting? Or at least a good web host that will let you pay for hosting for just one month at a time, rather than prepaying for a couple month’s or year’s worth of hosting?Thanks for any help.

Answer: Most hosting companies don’t offer monthly payment, because they want your money up front, and those that do usually charge huge setup fees.Of those that do offer monthly payment Dreamhost is the best!Check their plan at http://www.dreamhost.com/hosting.htmlIf you chose the monthly payment there’s a $50 setup fee, but you can use the promo code DNA to waive the setup fee and just start paying $10.95/month. (a free domain name is included)

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