Q&A – Where can i find a cheap web hosting provider? I was thinking of renting a VPS and hosting it myself?

You guys might also have this question so I’m posting it here with a good answer too. It comes from ‘daniel’ who asks:

I am fairly technology wise and was thinking of hosting my blog on a VPS or cheap hosting account. I can administrate it myself if it uses Cpanel or something similarWhat kind of hosting plan should i get? Do i need alot of processing power/ RAM and should i be looking for solid state drive hosting? I am also looking into getting my own domain if registration/ moving my site isnt too much of a hassle.

Answer: VPS Hosting can be great for hosting a small website or blog. It totally saves time/effort/money over running your own web server. Usually you can choose from several different Operating Systems, whatever environment you are comfortable with. A cheap budget VPS would be good for a beginner with a small site/blog , but if you plan on growing you might want to consider an upgraded VPS with multiple cores, at least 4GB of RAM and both SSD and platter style storage choices.Check out http://www.64u.com, you can try their premium VPS for just $10 with coupon code. they also offer domains and site migration

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