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Ever since blogs have invaded our homes through our internet connections, they have spread like wildfire blazing through the online community, and amazingly have developed into one of the most innovative means of making money today.

Nothing connotes “free” like blogging. Unlike setting up a website, a blog can be set up for free. Utilizing the best known blog platform of Word Press, a blogger pays nothing for either the set up or the normal hosting costs associated with a regular website. It’s a completely free space of virtual real estate. A blogger then fills that virtual real estate space with whatever he chooses.

So what has this got to do with the question, “how to make money blogging for free?”

Clearly the purpose of a blog is to share your thoughts, ideas, or general information with the readers of that blog. It also provides the opportunity for the readers to respond to your blog posts, or comment on them, to create a dialog of ideas. The more readers a blog has, the more effective the blog. An effective blog thus creates a traffic flow through the blog site. This traffic can be a financial boon to the blog owner.

Affiliate marketing can become a blogger’s best friend. By becoming an affiliate of various companies that have products that relate to his blog, a blogger can use his traffic to benefit financially. Businesses pay their affiliates in one of several ways. The most common method of payout is a pay per sale model that pays the affiliate a designated percentage of the sale in the form of a commission. Another payout method is the pay per action model that pays whenever a specified action is taken; for instance a form submission. A third payout method is the pay per click model that pays for a certain number of clicks that occur on the business’ advertisement. However, this method accounts for a very small percentage of all affiliate programs.

A blog owner can place various advertisements for his affiliated businesses on his blog site at no cost to him. These advertisements contain links that when clicked, divert the reader to the advertiser’s website. The owner will receive a commission based on that advertiser’s method of payout as described above. Another way to divert existing traffic to an affiliated business may be the use of text links within the blog posts themselves. Either way the owner may earn a commission and indeed make money blogging for free.

A similar method a blogger might employ is by using the Google AdSense program. This is essentially allowing advertisements to appear on the blog site for a fee. Advertisers pay to place their ads on the site on a pay per click or pay per impression basis, and Google is the administrator of the program. In effect, Google is the affiliated business since your payments come through it.

Whatever program you choose, creating a large amount of traffic and becoming an affiliate marketer are two key components to how to make money blogging for free.

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