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Content Management System (CMS) is planned in such a way that a user can publish, manage and organize his website through the aid of various contents and can also create news based web portal. CMS is actually a web application which is able to handle one or more websites as well as web content. Server side software is required to create, edit and publish contents for CMS. CMS hosting gives inexpensive hosting solutions which are dedicated to Joomla. Other useful feature of CMS hosting is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), dedicated hosting, ecommerce hosting solutions, managed hosting, credit card payment gateways, flash websites and web design. Some of the popular CMS hosting is Joomla, Post Nuke, PhpNuke, Mambo, Drupal, Siteframe, Nucleus, VIVVO CMS, XOOPS, Xoops Cube Legacy, Pivot, Article Publisher, Xaraya and FAQMasterFlex.

Market is flooded with lots of CMS hosting providers and it often becomes difficult to choose the one suitable for your requirement. If your requirement is commercial CMS rather than Open Source CMS then getting the particular CMS hosting provider may ask you to pay for hosting and get a CMS provided at no additional cost.

There are certain misconceptions about CMS and the main among them is that CMS is solely responsible for successful functioning of a website and that is quite untrue. CMS definitely helps to manage and distribute contents for website owners though the website success depends on quality of content, quality of service rendered and marketing as well. Secondly a new user thinks that CMS will eliminate the need of hiring a web developer though it is inapplicable to most of the cases. CMS system is developed by the programmers and that is the reason of CMS hosting of not having the design, branding and usability experience. This actually results of CMS sites which are not customized in terms of personality and branding.

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