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Joomla Web hosting is mainly an Internet service that offers individual and companies to build their personal space on the Internet. It has servers that work as data centres. Clients will send files to hosting providers and those files will be stored in the data centres. Anybody who explores your site can find them there.There are mainly two types of providers available free service and paid. Free Joomla web hosting companies are totally free of cost to the clients. This is ideal for a beginner who wants his website on the Internet. Whereas, you have to pay for paid web hosting service it offers service and more features to their clients. This is best for small companies planning for growth and expansion or for large companies. Free web hosting will offer limited space and sub-domain for the user’s site.

Many paid web hosting providers are available through internet. They offer varied service and charge depending on their service. You can select a dedicated server, which functions separately to a user’s file or from a shared server where many people are functioning on a common server. Initially it is better to begin with a shared server to experience the service catered by the hosting company. If you are contented by the service than you can transfer the service from shared hosting to a dedicated hosting.Numerous advantages are available through these services. The foremost advantage is that the user or company gets their personal web space. This gives the user storage and space to publish their information and files online. It can be web pages, audio, videos and images. The standard space offered by a hosting provider is 200MB.And the maximum space offered can be around 500MB.

Web hosting also offers free mail service to their clients. This is different from the normal email addresses provided by Yahoo or Gmail. This email will be specially designed for the user’s website.

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