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As we all know, a blog is a variant of a website which is maintained by a single person who frequently enters information about an event or a happening. It can also be a blog with personal contents. On the whole, blogs are space for individuals to express their views and opinions. Thousands and thousands of blogs are being created each and every day. Many of these use a free hosting platform while the others used a paid server. You need to decide upon a host before you host a website. The 2nd most important thing you need to consider is what software or blogging platform you are going to use. Let us take a comprehensive look at both the free and paid versions of webhosting.

Free Hosting

Free web hosting for blogs generally uses a blogging platform like or Both of these platforms boast of an easy sign-up process. After just filling out a few blanks you can get your own blog up and running. Getting the service of a free host suits a person who is a beginner. They can learn about blogs and all other aspects and then decide upon whether they can continue the services of a free hosting company or a paid one. The drawbacks far outweigh the benefits with free blogs. Some of the disadvantages are:

? The foremost factor is that you are not the actual owner of the blog or the contents; the free web hosting company is the owner of your page.

? Since you are publishing your contents you should abide by the rules put forth by the website hosting company.

? Given that the hosting is done free of cost, you have to put up with the advertisements that are either on the top or bottom of your page.

? These advertisements may not at all be appropriate for your website.

Paid Hosting

There are different packages when it comes to paid web hosting. Plans are generally charged on a monthly basis. Packages start from a minimum of $5/month. The price typically differs based on the term of the contract. If you have cataloged your domain name for 12 months, then signing up for a 12 month web hosting plan would be useful as it would be at a much affordable cost. One more issue that may serve as a cause for variation in price between different plans is the features in which you receive. The most basic web hosting plans are typically adequate when you are 1st starting out on the Internet. Some of the advantages of paid hosting are:

? The major pro of having a paid host is that you can decide upon the advertisements that you put up on your page.

? You have the ultimate control over the domain of the blog.

? Every aspect of your blog can be controlled with the help of web hosts control panel.

? You get to enjoy control of more features like the bandwidth, disk space, traffic, databases etc.,

Based on all the aforementioned aspects, you can decide whether you need to get the services of a free or a paid web hosting for your blog.

Web Hosting is one of the primary things you have to choose before starting an online business. A good web host is must so that you website is up and is available to visitors.

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