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Search engines optimization is very complicated and to explain it in great details you need some SEO experts. Even experts admit it is difficult to catch up with the latest developments among the different search engines and their algorithms. To shade the complexity of algorithm, I use Google PR ranking as example. Here is an abstract from Wikipedia about Google PR ranking algorithm:

“PageRank reflects our view of the importance of web pages by considering more than 500 million variables and 2 billion terms. Pages that we believe are important pages receive a higher PageRank and are more likely to appear at the top of the search results.”

The above point is about Google PR ranking. Its algorithm is less complex as compared to Google search engine algorithm. What I want to bring out from the above example is that lay people like myself and many of my boomers buddies and readers are unlikely to beat the search engines algorithm. The SEO gurus have hard time when they try to beat search engines which have the elite working team members behind. From time to time, people would receive emails telling them their software programs beat Google off its pant or advice you to cancel your Google account, they are simply hype.

It makes sense therefore for lay people to stick to the basics of key importance. For me I like the organic traffic. I like simple and effective ways which are good in the long term. That is why I started with Blogger. People in the net like it for its easy to use and straight forward. You don’t need to be techie nor possess any knowledge of web design and web language. It is a user friendly platform. I am a salad man. I can use it so you can use it with no problem.

However, words are spreading around that Google will shut down Blogger. I have no idea whether it is a rumor or there is some truth and that Blogger may eventually shut down. Buddies, if you are using Blogger and Blogger only, you are taking a great risk. Don’t put all the eggs in one basket. Spread the risk by using some other platforms. For examples you can use TypePad, WordPress, Movable Type.

TypePad is a blogging software by Six Apart. It is pretty user friendly similar to Blogger. It is more flexible as it offers wide range of features that you can design your blog enriched with pictures, videos and text. I had used it for long while for before I switched to Movable Type Pro. I enjoyed TypePad so much that I had a struggle within myself if I should change the blog platform. Even at this moment, I think I like TypePad.

As I gained more knowledge in blogging, I became adventurous. I wanted to try WordPress as almost everyone is talking about it in the internet world. The temptation is there and irresistible. I decided to give it a try. WordPress free service is provided through which I joined setting up my account. Installation is not complicated. I have my Blogger posts (some) transfered to WordPress. The blog was quick and crispy. I began to like it. However, there were problems if you want to monetize your blog under the which don’t allow Google Adsense and other alternatives. Therefore I checked around for a solution that may provided WordPress and Adsense at the same time. I found the solution through Hostgator, a web hosting company. They support the WordPress platform. Hostgator is probably the easiest web hosting platform to install WordPress on. Using a few clicks of the mouse, your Hostgator-hosted WordPress blog will be up and ready.

I used Hostgator for about couple of years. I faced other problems which were related to technical and knowledge of computer languages such as JavaScript, html, etc. Plenty of the incoming links were broken during the transfer of posts from TypePad to WordPress. This directly affected the Google PR ranking and traffic for my blog. WordPress is too technical and it is not my cup of tea. I therefore moved to Movable Type by Six Apart.

The blog which you are visiting is on the Movable Type Pro platform by Six Apart, the same company for TypePad. The transfer of posts and content from TypePad to Movable Type would be smooth as I was told by the Movable expert over the phone. Movable Type is quite user friendly but not as much as the Blogger and TypePad. It is flexible and powerful.

Movable Type

In short Movable Type is a All-in-One Social Publishing Platform

  • Create beautiful website and blogs
  • A simple and powerful contention management system
  • Build a vibrant social network

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