An Answer to the Question: How to implement search in WordPress website?

Here a good question I found in the comments section of a previous post. ‘heytherebrah’ asks us the question:

Hi, I have a self-hosted WordPress website that I’d like to implement some sort of search option on. My website is one where people can find a certain product, or have their product listed. I need something that allows them to search by STATE and NAME OF PRODUCT, that would then list the products for them. Can someone who has experience tell me how I would go about finding a plug in or a theme that might already implement this? Thanks.

Answer: Hello Friend,You can implement whatever you want in is a very popular and effective website and blog builder. I am suggesting you that you should build your website and blog with the help of I have built my website and blog by using You will get more information about wordpress from the given website.

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