Get a domain, hosting, and install WordPress in 144 seconds – Good Video

Here’s a nice video I was watching. Posted it here for my readers.

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View the full show notes at What’s harder: using a stopwatch or installing WordPress? Apparently it’s using a Get a domain Getting a domain is Type it in, spend the money, and you have The trick is to find the right When it’s time to get your domain, be sure you have several alternates just in Get web hosting Get Don’t waste your time arguing about saving Just go with They are You may out grown them but they aren’t going to let you Seriously, if you can’t afford HostGator, you need to reconsider your business Install WordPress There are several ways to install You can upload a bunch of crap and build a database and enter a bunch of stuff into a set up file and don’t forget to change file That doesn’t sound Or you can go with HostGator and use Fantastico to install WordPress for Seriously, I’m not trying to trick Watch the WordPress installed in 50 Domain purchased and hosting set up in 1 minutes and 34 That’s 144 seconds for


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