Register For Free WordPress Blog Hosting At | Learn WordPress Part 2

This video is brought to you by: is the first source for working with the WordPress blogging software. Users are able to experiment with the WordPress software at their own ease, free of charge, without any overhead associated with setting up your own web hosting. Signing up for wordpress is extremely easy. They are known for their simplicity in blogging software as well as installation routines. To sign up for your free wordpress blog hosting at, follow these easy steps 1. Go to the site 2. Click the bright orange button called “Sign up now” 3. Enter all of your information. 4. Click ‘Sign up” 5. Follow all of the instructions in your e-mail to login to your dashboard 6. That’s it! Now that you have created your own WordPress account, we can begin to look at some of the features and tools available to you. Sure the free hosting of WordPress hosting does not give you all of the features, but do not fret, we will look into the free self hosting version later.

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