Video of Website Performance Test: GoDaddy versus HostGator

Here’s a good video I came across – Hope you like it

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My website has been running really slow lately, so I thought I’d go ahead and switch It’s become apparent to me just how much of a difference Host Gator actually has on my website performance compared to This test was performed using: 20Mb Down, 3Mb Up High Speed-Cable Internet Service from Comcast, Wireless from an Apple Airport Extreme base station in another room Macbook Pro i7 8GB RAM (mid 2010) Mac OS X Snow Safari and Chrome Browsers Hosting Provider Comparison data: Domain Purchased at GoDaddy – GoDaddy hosting account: – DELUXE Shared Hosting (mid level shared hosting) on the ‘new’ 4GH GRID hosting HostGator hosting account: – BABY Shared Hosting (mid level shared hosting)


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  • Plavan says:

    Hey great, I love your article, Great Site full of good useful information,this has been a awesome help to me

  • Grant says:

    Thanks for posting.

    Although I am trying to find comparisons between Hostgator and Bluehost (not Hostgator and Godaddy), it was reassuring to see that Hostgator’s performance came out ahead in this one.


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