WordPress Hosting And SEO

It is no matter if you are using a WordPress hosting account or not, search engine optimization or SEO is vital in having an established presence online, or your site will not be visible on search engines where millions of websites fight to survive. Although advanced SEO is a skill to be mastered, basic optimization needs no tech expertise than having an awareness of how search engines work and what are the basic steps to get noted by them.

Some web hosting companies offer some free tools for optimizing websites for search engines and some free WordPress plug-ins are available for SEO, but they won’t work until the website is not configured for maximum search exposure. The basic optimization tips include

Optimizations of Page and Post Titles – If you really want free traffic to your blog in a WordPress hosting; you must optimize the post titles and page titles for the targeted keywords.

Permanent Link Optimization – The permanent link structure should be optimized in such a way that the url shows exactly what the post is about.

Ping Services and Sitemaps – The ping or tracking services that service will be the best way to inform Google that you have updated the contents. It is really worth doing to add a sitemap plug-in to your web hosting account, probably the WordPress hosting account, in order to make the listing easier for the search engines.

Uniqueness – No search engines would list the contents that are copied from some other websites, and may often punish such websites. As many tools are available to check the uniqueness of an article or blog post, make sure that the articles are not copied from somewhere else before publishing them on your website.

SEO Contents – The web contents that are optimized for Google can make an impact when it is about getting listed by Google. Many beginners often believe that SEO contents are the articles having the targeted keywords used several times in it, but in fact it is not. Using the keywords above the allowed density will lead the content to be counted as keyword spam. It might be written on the terms and conditions of the web hosting provider that they will not be responsible for getting banned by search engines for spamming. If you are having a WordPress hosting account, there are some very effective SEO plug-ins that would boost the search engine optimization process without much effort.

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