WordPress Hosting For Photo Bloggers

WordPress hosting is the favorite publishing platform for photo bloggers as they find it as the easiest way to show their photos to the world. Although many photographers or people who have been taking shots of the ‘moments on the go’ are not familiar with web hosting or the technical side of setting up a blog or website, everybody is familiar with WordPress hosting. The emergence of high resolution mobile cameras and cheap digital cameras has further boosted the photo blogging trend. Photo blogging on WordPress hosting accounts can further be boosted with some tweaking experiments.

Photo Blogging theme on WordPress hosting

Many themes that are there exclusively developed for photo blogging on a WordPress platform, some themes are provided by the web hosting companies as well. While choosing a theme for publishing photos on a WordPress hosting account, the first preference should be given to the loading speed and compatibility of the theme. If you install a simple, fast loading theme that supports multiple devices, more viewers will visit the blog.

Web hosting space and bandwidth

This should not be given attention if your web hosting account offers unlimited space and bandwidth, else, make sure that you have enough space and monthly bandwidth allocated. While the web space needed depends on the type and size of photos, the bandwidth will be depending on how often the users will download or upload images, the bigger the images, the more the bandwidth and web space used.

The user interface

Everybody wants to get things done in the fastest possible way, and of course, website viewers are not an exception. Even if you are using WordPress hosting or not, ensure that the viewers are able to get an idea of your photo blog from the very home page itself, else, they may move fast onto some other blogs. An introduction, some sample photos, category tabs, tags etc are some of the simple but effective ways to attract viewers from the first page of the website or photo blog.

Free or paid

While most of the users are in search of free photo blogs, it will not be that easy to make money from such blog, for there will always be a limit for ad revenues. If you are confident with your design, try to make some money from your photo blog in WordPress hosting, by selling photos without violating the rules of the web hosting provider.

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