An Answer to the Question: How to implement search in WordPress website?

Here a good question I found in the comments section of a previous post. ‘heytherebrah’ asks us the question:

Hi, I have a self-hosted WordPress website that I’d like to implement some sort of search option on. My website is one where people can find a certain product, or have their product listed. I need something that allows them to search by STATE and NAME OF PRODUCT, that would then list the products for them. Can someone who has experience tell me how I would go about finding a plug in or a theme that might already implement this? Thanks.

Answer: Hello Friend,You can implement whatever you want in is a very popular and effective website and blog builder. I am suggesting you that you should build your website and blog with the help of I have built my website and blog by using You will get more information about wordpress from the given website.

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Answering the Question ‘How do I setup an FTP site with Dreamweaver using godaddy as my host?’

‘sweet.suffering’ asks a great question so I thought I’d post it here with an answer – enjoy:

I bought my domain and I got 5 free hosted web pages from godaddy and I am creating my website with dreamwever.When using the site definition tool and setting up the “Remote Info” I have no clue on what an FTP host in, how do I get one and how do I connect it with dreamweaver and godaddy/my site.

Answer: Do this – In DW, go to Site (top) > New Site. Click the Advanced tab, NOT Basic. Give your site a name. Select a local root folder on your PC where you plan to save your web files. You can leave the default images folder blank. Below that you can leave the default settings, except UNcheck Enable Cache. Click on Remote Info in the left side menu. Select FTP from the Access drop down on the right. Your ftp host is usually or If you don’t know your host directory, leave it blank but I suggest you contact godaddy to find out. Your login and password should be provided by godaddy. Contact them if you don’t have it. Then test the connection. If it’s successful, close it all out and begin making your site. You’ll upload the files from the local folder to the server to get them on the web. And make sure you upload them to the right folder on the godaddy server. This is why I suggest you contact them for the host directory.

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Question/Answer: How to choose the best genuine web hosting service?

Many of you like the questions and answers on this blog. I just found another one from ‘Wolf’ who asks

All the popular web hosting services tend to have a lot of negative reviews when I google them.Why is this?I’m thinking EZPZ or Fasthosts now… I’m so confused which web hosting service to go for. :\ EZPZ only has around 3 reviews, whereas Fasthosts has a lot of negative ones.Any other suggestions? And how to determine if they’re actually good ones to go for?

Answer: To find your best geniune host, make sure they have meet your web hosting requirements, good reputation and has the following attributes:1. has excellent Live Chat support and rated at least A+ by Better Business Bureau (BBB),2. gives unlimited storage,3. offers no limit on bandwidth,4. gives unlimited add-on domains,5. has friendly Site Builder,6. has Fantastico and QuickInstall to quickly install apps like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, 7. OSCommerce, ZenCart and more7. can be easily upgraded to VPS or one of the cheapest dedicated server plans if and when your business require.

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