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Special is a word many use to describe this content management system. Award-winning and highly-recognized, Joomla has lots of features to offer bloggers. Its two most popular features are the effective backend application that automatically navigates you through its different functions and the content managing system that lets you create organized subcategories.

Aside from these two features, Joomla also offers built-in support for multiple languages and compatibility with LAMP technology. In addition to these, signing up for Joomla’s free service allows you to enjoy advanced interactive features like chat, interactive maps, and e-commerce functionality.

DRUPAL: The technical system

Drupal is the hardest to learn among most content management systems. If you’re just learning about content management systems, Drupal is not for you. Learning the system’s internal function requires extensive technical knowledge. Drupal is 100% CSS-based and SEO-friendly, even without the help of plugins.

The system is currently used by large companies and international organizations. If you’re part a big corporation and you’re thinking of a way to organize your internal data, Drupal is likely to be ideal for your needs. Well, just remember to hire a pro to make the system work for you.

WordPress: The reigning king

This is where Blogger bows down to WordPress. Although Blogger is still more popular than WP when it comes to branding and recall, there is no doubt about the extra abilities of the latter. WordPress’ CMS capability is staggering, making the platform the top contender in the CMS competition.

If you’re familiar with WordPress’ blog functions, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to operating the open-source content management system. Through WordPress’ organized and helpful support community, you can always ask experts about the basics and technical aspects of its CMS functions.

One of the best advantages of using WordPress CMS is the access to countless plugins that can boost both your CMS functions and SEO. Plugins are special tools that help your website achieve its fullest potential. These plugins are the main reasons why many users opt to use WordPress CMS.

WordPress is the most widely used CMS today because of its superb blogging features and storage capability, which allows chronological and detailed storage of information and data.

Do not hesitate to try other CMS

Should you have doubt with these top CMS, you can look for other systems that are more suited to your preferences. There’s definitely a content management system out there that’s perfect for your needs, even if it’s not as popular as these three CMS kings.

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