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In this article I will explain to you about making a website with WordPress. Using WordPress as your website is a brilliant choice because it is very easy to use, and one of the most effective content management by internet users. Of course there are lot of website that gives internet user the ability to build free blogs on their site. But in this tutorial, I will show you how to build a website by branding it with your own internet address.

Making a website with WordPress is pretty easy if you know what need. Here are the basic structure on how to start.

Making a Website With WordPress Step 1 – Your Internet Address

First of all, you will need an address for your site, or else how can internet users find you right? An internet address is also known as domain name. This allows you to brand your website with keywords relevant to your business or even the business name itself.

The most popular domain names are domains with the or in longer form which stands for commercial. If you are not able to get the domain name that you desire, then you can choose other extensions,.org, that is suitable for your site.

When you have purchased your internet address, it will ask you for your domain name server (DNS). Pointing a DNS is done to tell your domain where your files will be stored. A domain name is simply an address, but the files of your websites are stored in a location called a host.

Making a Website With WordPress Step 2 – Getting a hosting account

Without a host, internet users cannot see your files on the web. Web hosting accounts are servers that store the information of your website, and let you upload the files you have created to let visitors access your website. What you want to have along with your hosting account is a software called “Fantastico De Lux”. This little software will give you the ability to install a WordPress blog on to your site.

Most top web hosting servers will have this feature. Hosting services normally costs around $5 to $10 a month, but it gets cheaper if you pay in bulk. See my recommendation at the end of this article.

Making a Website With WordPress Step Step 3 – Installing The WordPress On Your Site.

Finally, when you have purchased your domain name, and pointing it to your hosting account, the final step is building a website with WordPress. This step is pretty simple, you just need to log into your hosting account, locate a software called “Fantastico De Lux” within the software section, and the installation process is pretty much self explanatory.

By now you have learned that making a website with WordPress is pretty easy. However there is a simpler method if you do not want to go through so much confusing steps, there is a software called WordPress express that is very easy to use and also known as the worlds simplest WordPress building site that creates websites in a matter of minutes.

Making a website with WordPress using this software just takes 3 clicks and less than a few minutes your website will be up and running, ready for you to showcase to the public.

Avoid confusion and all the guess work, see my recommended site building tool that I use to build all my sites with a few simple steps by clicking here. Some people do not have time to do all the tech works, now it is easier to get over this process and concentrate on more important matters.

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