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There are several website design companies who are using Joomla and WordPress to make their websites. Both these applications are very well known software which sre used for the development of the websites. In fact there are various communities which are dedicated to these websites as well. Besides these two applications there are other applications which are used for the making of websites, these are typo 3 and Drupal.

Web site is in a position to make customized alterations in the main menu of the website. Both the applications have features which are different from one another and their features have been discussed here.

In the first place if you think about the application of both these sites, use of WordPress is far easier than Joomla because Joomla have few complex features in it and that is the reason people like to use WordPress than Joomla. Moreover as Joomla has more features than WordPress sometimes it becomes quite hard for the user to use it.

Secondly, Joomla has better content management services when compared to WordPress. In fact WordPress is considered only blog software. As far as the variety of features in Joomla is considered it has so many templates that it covers every industry type. It can be said that if you are seeking a website which is simple it is better to use WordPress while if you want a complex site the use of Joomla is a far better option.

WordPress is an application which is already optimized with Google. The pages which are prepared with WordPress always have a higher rank because the pages which are made with the use of WordPress have content which is SEO friendly. The pages which are prepared with Joomla can be ranked higher in Google as well but it requires special Search Engine Optimization.

When you want to publish informal content the best option is to use WordPress. It is better to use Joomla if you want to make a complex website. Jommla is very advantageous in case of complex websites because it has many features which the user can use for multiple functions. Even for smaller websites Joomla is a far better option to choose. Even in WordPress there is the feature of plug-ins but it is not as developed as Joomla.

If you feel the need of integrating your website with the other sites even in that case Joomla is more viable. There is also the possibility of integrating various add-ons if you are using Joomla.

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