Reader Question – What are the differences between GoDaddy’s WordPress hosting and Basic Hosting Plans?

I was looking through some old posts and found this question. I thought it was a good one so I wanted to post an answer here. The question comes from ‘Mr. Mascott’: GoDaddy offers a specific WordPress hosting plan for a website and a basic hosting plan however, the basic plan offers an install of [...]

Q&A – A Different Static Header on Each WebPage?

You guys might also have this question so I’m posting it here with a good answer too. It comes from ‘lcthulou’ who asks: I Run an Outdoor website using self-hosted WordPress.I Would like to put a different header image on several different pages- A Bike on my cycling page, a kayak on its page, a [...]

An Answer to the Question: How create a sub domain of blogger domain for web host?

Here a good question I found in the comments section of a previous post. ‘Surender Markam’ asks us the question: I have a domain which is connected to blogger using DNS details. I want to created a sub domain for it like on which i want to host a wordpress blog without changing [...]