5 Characteristics of a Bad Web Hosting Service

Since we have looked at what makes a good web hosting company, now I think it is a good time for us to highlight the bad points of some of the terrible companies out there. Now, we are not going to name any names here, but I am sure, with a clear list like this, you are going to be able to spot them without a problem.

The first problem, and the most obvious, is if a company spams you about their services in your email – that is like a red signal to tell you to avoid them like a plague.

Look out for companies that over promise on everything, and they seem to have the best deal in town. While it might sound all nice and good to you, one thing you got to know is that if it sounds too good to be true, and you know that no other company is doing this sort of charitable corporate philosophy, then you might want to avoid them. There are many of these fishnet companies out there, set up plainly to just get your money and then of course, avoid you like the plague once they have it.

Also, avoid any company that is pressing you for immediate full payment – no trust worthy company worth their silver dollar is going to ask you for all the money up front. Also, do not make the mistake of paying this one also, it is either the sign of a company desperate for some liquid capital, or a company that isn’t really a company in the first place – so you have to be really shrewd when you are going about your business with companies like these. All in all, you also need to know how to spot a con a mile away – and this is the best.

The fourth thing that you need to be aware of is poor customer service, and this always comes in the form of a surly, demanding and impatient voice at the other line. On the other end of the spectrum is no voice at all – you can call and email till kingdom come and there shall be no response other than a voice message, or even worse, a dial tone telling you that the number you are calling either does not exist, or is so busy, that you are not able to get through. Of course the latter is highly unlikely, unless of course they are being hounded by the IRS and a million other irate customers.

Last but not least on the list is the one man show company, which is often going to be littered with things like slow response times, slow everything and the fact that your point of contact, the manager, the service person, the technician – all seem to have the same voice, and this is a sure sign that they are not all born from the same person, but in fact, is just one person running the entire show.

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